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Our Basic Pack is focused on daytime weddings. In this pack you will notice that there are some minimum quantities established to achieve the scenting effect. These basic quantities are focused on only aromatize the lunch tables, with an approximate number of 13 tables; this would mean about 120 guests approx. Thus, each table would have a diffuser and the main table, where the couple would be seated, would have 3 diffusers, as this table is usually larger. If you have more guests, don’t forget to include extra products for each table.

If you want to scent more spaces such as the ceremony, the welcome to the banquet, the cocktail and toilets… we recommend that you add extra diffusers to your purchase. And, if you feel like creating a wonderful atmosphere at the party, when night falls, don’t forget to complete your purchase with candles and candelabras.

In addition, we recommend spraying every space with your Scent Sprays. Especially the ceremony, welcome, tablecloths and toilets. It will create a very special atmosphere. Remember, if you can’t do this job yourself, you can hire the scenting service of The Wedding Scent team, who will come to your wedding to do this job.

If you need help with your order, just contact us.

Customize your pack


You can choose a minimum quantity of 15 and a maximum quantity of 99 for this product!

Scent Spray

You can choose a minimum quantity of 2 and a maximum quantity of 99 for this product!


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Do you have questions about your order and need help?

You can make an appointment via video call with our scenting expert. He will help you with the scent and units required for your event.

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Would you like to hire the service of a scent expert?

Our team from The Wedding Scent will come to your location and will take care of scenting your event.

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We are wedding planners, and we know that to make certain decisions you need a bit of professional help. Today we are your wedding planners, and we advise you on how to buy the necessary units for your scenting pack so that you can professionally scent your event.

What products do our packs include?

  • Candles 180 gr.
  • Candles 120 gr.
  • Diffusers
  • Scent Sprays
  • Scented wax candleholders
What is the different between each packs?

The variety of products included. But don’t worry, you can personalise your order and include a wide variety of products in your pack according to your needs. 

Depending on the number of guests, we recommend an approximate number of units based on our experience. In addition, you can complete your order with extra products and even gifts for your guests for an even more complete and unforgettable olfactory experience for your family and friends.

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