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We understand that you are seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding experience, which is why we have created an exclusive service: wedding aromatization with The Wedding Scent. Are you familiar with the concept of wedding scenting? It may be a service that you haven’t come across before, as it is relatively new in the wedding industry. However, at Weddings With Love, we have been working on this service since 2019, making us pioneers in the world of wedding aromatization.

The Wedding Scent is brought to you by Weddings With Love, luxury wedding planners based in Spain. Our team at Weddings With Love has been at the forefront of wedding aromatization worldwide, and it is precisely this team that is behind The Wedding Scent. We have curated our own line of wedding aromatization with 8 unique scents, ensuring that your event becomes a truly unforgettable experience. Weddings With Love specializes in creating experiential luxury weddings, and scenting is just one aspect of our expertise.

Scenting your wedding: a distinctive detail

Incorporating scent into your wedding will add an extra touch of value to your event. It will undoubtedly be a highly appreciated detail by your guests. Beyond the realms of gastronomy or music, infusing your wedding with a captivating aroma or fragrance will make it stand out as an original and memorable occasion, etching itself into the memories of your guests for years to come. You may have never attended an aromatized wedding before, which gives you a glimpse of how this detail can truly surprise and delight your guests. People remember scents, and having a specific aroma at your wedding will leave a lasting impression on the minds and olfactory senses of your guests.

The fragrance of your wedding: making the event unforgettable

Every couple aspires to organize a unique and extraordinary event – a wedding like no other. Who wouldn’t want their guests to say, “This is the best wedding I have ever attended!” To achieve this, you must aim to surprise and create that desired “wow” effect. While excellent wedding planning is crucial, incorporating original details like wedding aromatization will genuinely impress your guests.

Now that we have shared all of this, are you ready for a truly distinctive and surprising wedding? If so, let us explain how our service works.

How to purchase wedding aromatization

Head over to our SCENTS PAGE, where you will find a variety of 8 different fragrances. Each fragrance has been carefully created to complement weddings of any style. With years of experience in this service, we know exactly which aromas work exceptionally well.

Once you have selected your desired fragrance, it’s time to choose the products you want to include. For this, visit our PACKS PAGE. Let’s explore the differences between each pack:

  • Basic Pack: This pack is designed for daytime weddings and includes our Scent Spray and odor diffusers. Note that it does not include candles, but we recommend adding a few large and small candles to enhance the pack for when the evening falls. Furthermore, if you include a corner with some scented wax candle holders, it will create a marvelous effect. For example, for the candy bar corner, beverage bars, glow station, restrooms, etc.
  • Essential Pack: This pack includes a large 180g candle, diffusers, and sprays. You can customize it with additional units beyond the minimum requirement, such as small candles or scented wax candle holders.
  • Premium Pack: This pack includes everything from the Essential Pack, with the addition of small candles. You can further customize it by adding any desired products.
  • Luxury Pack: We present our clear favorite, the most comprehensive pack, as it includes all the products from The Wedding Scent: 180g candles, 120g candles, diffusers, sprays, and wax candle holders in three sizes. With this pack, your tables will look spectacular, the kind that leaves everyone saying “WOW!” Have you ever seen a dinner with wax candle holders? 😉 We can already envision one: your wedding.
  • Home Pack: Can you imagine that even after your wedding, you and your partner could continue reminiscing about your Big Day? That’s why we have created the “Home Pack” so that you can keep experiencing the aroma of your wedding at home.

Why are there minimum quantities?

These minimum units are necessary to achieve the desired aromatization effect. With fewer units, it would be more of a decorative touch rather than creating the memorable fragrance that permeates the event. All our packs come with a minimum quantity aimed at around 80-120 guests. We have calculated this minimum based on the smallest requirement to scent the dining tables. For example, with the Essential Premium pack, you will find the following products:

  • 15 diffusers with wooden sticks
  • 2 Scent Sprays
  • 15 180g candles
  • 15 120g candles

Suppose, for instance, you have 12 tables. In that case, we would place 1 large candle, 1 small candle, and 1 diffuser on each table. For the head table, the couple’s table, we would place 3 diffusers and 3 candles of each size. Of course, if you add extra candle units, the tables will look even better. However, at a minimum, you need to include these units as indicated.

Additionally, remember that you can include wax candle holders as an extra product. Including a pack of 3 holders on each table will add a beautiful touch to your tables and enhance the completeness of the aromatization service.

Would you like to scent the entire event?

If you desire an even more top-tier service, you can scent all the areas visited by your guests:

  • Welcome area
  • Ceremony
  • Cocktail area
  • Dining area
  • Party area
  • Restrooms

How can I pay for my pack?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, and Klarna. The latter option is excellent as it allows you to split the payment, just like you do with the venue, catering, photography, etc. You can pay for your aromatization in different installments. 🙂 As you can see, being wedding planners, we have also considered the financial aspect of your wedding.

We hope this post has provided you with a 100% understanding of this innovative and experiential service that has arrived in the world of weddings.

Aromatización de bodas con The Wedding Scent. En la foto aparece nuestra fragancia "Fluffy Cotton"Aromatización de bodas con The Wedding Scent. En la foto aparece nuestra fragancia "Fluffy Cotton": velas, sprays, difusores y candelabros de cera.Aromatización de bodas con The Wedding Scent. En la foto aparece nuestra fragancia "Fluffy Cotton": velas, sprays y difusoresAromatización de bodas con The Wedding Scent. En la foto aparece nuestra fragancia "Fluffy Cotton": velas, sprays, difusores y candelabros de cera. Como regalo original para invitados, nuestro ambientador sólido de cera de soja.