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At The Wedding Scent, we have created a unique service for weddings. So far, there is no record of weddings being scented in Spain (unless you have been a couple with Weddings With Love), and we, at The Wedding Scent, bring you a very original detail so you can organize a different and memorable wedding.

When a couple decides to organize their wedding, they always want it to be different from the ones they have attended before and, moreover, to be original. Achieving these two ingredients is not easy, but today we give you some ideas.

Setting the ambiance of your wedding with a distinctive scent

Can you imagine your guests arriving at the ceremony and smelling peonies? What if they arrive at the banquet venue and the scent of peonies still lingers? Smell is remembered over time because humans have olfactory memory. Knowing this, imagine gifting your guests a wedding favour (candle, diffuser, spray, wax candle holder, or solid air freshener) with the scent of the wedding, in this case, “Peony in Bloom“. Every time they smell that gift with the aroma of peonies at home, they will be immediately transported back to your wedding. Undoubtedly, it will ensure that the wedding remains present in their memories for a long time.

A wedding with personality

Scent speaks of us more than we can imagine. A fragrance provides information about your personality, tastes, and can even transport you to a specific moment in a particular place, in this case, your wedding.

In addition to the style of decoration, your looks, stationery, and flowers, including scenting in a wedding will also give your event personality. Imagine that you met one summer night in Seville. Our fragrances Jasmine or Orange Tree would be perfect for your Big Day. As you know, jasmine and orange trees are very present in Seville, and you would be paying homage to that wonderful day when your paths crossed. It would be ideal to scent your wedding.

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Un detalle original para bodas.Fragancia Jazmín, que recuerda las calles de Sevilla.Un detalle original para bodas es aromatizar con nuestra fragancia de jazmín.Un detalle original para bodas. Obsequiar a tus invitados con un ambientador sólido del aroma de la boda.